ECU gets $1.9 million Golden LEAF grant to develop Eastern Region Pharma Center

A design rendering of the ECU Science and Biotechnology building, now currently under construction
  • The center will create the Pharma Pathways Program in which ECU and community college staff will collaborate to help raise student awareness and provide academic programs, job training and career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. The program will be marketed throughout the region, including in military communities, and will provide career planning, scholarships and academic coaching from faculty, staff and industry representatives.
  • The center will build and equip the Manufacturing Capability and Cybersecurity Complex (MCCC) located in 4,500 square feet of lab space in ECU’s new Life Sciences and Biotechnology Building on Evans and 10th streets in Greenville on the Millennial Campus. The MCCC will be a hands-on, experiential education and training environment that will include two 1,200-square-foot teaching labs with new bioextraction and bioprocessing equipment, and a 1,900-square-foot high-bay lab housing a pilot-scale continuous manufacturing line.
  • The center will add three new ECU faculty members and two academic advisors who will collaborate with community college counterparts to increase teaching capacity and develop new courses, enabling the colleges and ECU to expand enrollment in biotechnology and bioprocess manufacturing programs. The programs also aim to introduce pharmaceutical manufacturing topics to students in other disciplines such as chemistry and business that industry partners plan to recruit.
  • The center will expand on the N.C. Pharmaceutical Services Network (PSN@ECU), funded by a $1.1 million Golden LEAF grant to ECU in 2015, offering pharmaceutical manufacturing short courses, employee training and opportunities in which industry partners can test new ideas without disrupting their own manufacturing lines.



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